Below are some examples of projects, ALE&D has completed since its inception:

Project:  Infiltration Bed Design/Land Development
Client:  Private Residence in Chestnut Hill

ALE&D designed a stormwater retention system for new private residence in Chestnut Hill and obtained necessary approvals from Philadelphia Planning Commission. ALE&D navigated the special restrictions of the Wissahickon Watershed and the relatively recent state stormwater requirements to provide the best possible low-cost, low-maintenance solution for the homeowner.

Project:  Stormwater Retention/Site Drainage Design
for Plant Expansion

ALE&D designed a stormwater retention and drainage system to acomodate new warehouses and a parking lot.  To meet the challenges of the site, including limited space and rolling contours, ALE&D formulated multiple-bed infiltration system.  This reduced earthwork and provided a cost-effective solution for the client.

Project: Concept for Rubicam Park Trail
Client: Abington Township
Architect: Black Dog Architects Co.

Based on Black Dog Architects’ vision, ALE&D developed a plan for proposed enhancements, which included a multi use trail, improved accessibility and gathering areas. The project was aimed at improving park’s functional role in the community.

Project: Site Evaluation for Proposed Funeral Parlor
Client: Whitemarsh Memorial Park

This study discussed the conversion of a circa 1900 building into a funeral home.  ALE&D addressed the challenges of connecting the building to a public sewer, which would be required to make the conversion. Challenges stemmed from site constraints and municipal regulations.  ALE&D discussed multiple alternatives for overcoming these obstacles, including an unconventional option, which could greatly reduce earthwork and maintenance costs. The report greatly assisted the client in making informed decisions about the proposed project.