Civil Engineering
ALE&D provides the services you’ll need to develop your site and to obtain permits and approvals. This may include drainage design, site and utility layout, and other related activities. We can work with your contractors and/or local governing agencies to develop cost-effective solutions that fit the needs of your project.

Structural Engineering
ALE&D can help with the structural details required to develop your site, including retaining walls and foundations.

Construction Administrative Services
ALE&D can help your projects run smoothly by acting as a liaison between designers and contractors and by performing tasks such as:

  • taking minutes at construction progress meetings
  • tracking documents
  • helping the contractor interpret the designer’s intent
  • obtaining permits and approvals

ALE&D can help you convert your design visions into finished drawings or blueprints using computer aided drawing programs.

Technical Writing
We develop contract documents, including specifications that help reduce questions or disputes during construction.

We can also help your project gain publicity with an array of professional writing services, including magazine articles and press releases.